What Is Required to Become an Architect?

Architecture is one of the essential skills for modern civilization. Architects design our workplaces, homes and recreational landscapes. There are several requirements and skills required to become an architect. Architects must deliver on functionality, safety, cost and aesthetics if they are to be successful.

If you want to become an architect, continue reading this article to get a general overview of the process.

Learn the Basics in High School

Your journey can begin in high school. If you are a student interested in architecture, start taking the relevant math classes like geometry, pre-calculus and physics. You should also consider art courses that refine your technical drawing skills. Of course, most designs are completed digitally now, so if your high school offers something like a Revit class Miami, take that as soon as possible.

Choose an Appropriate Degree

As far as degrees go, you will want to apply to schools that offer Bachelor of Architecture programs. You can become licensed as an architect after completion, but some people opt for degrees in Science or a Bachelor of Arts. Still, you won’t be qualified for licensing after graduation.

Begin Your Career

After you earn your bachelor’s degree, there are several options for furthering your career. Master’s degrees in architecture are often more theoretical and involve some philosophical discussions of design to integrate into your more technical knowledge. You can also jump right into the profession and start an internship. Either way, you will need to become certified and pass an examination to begin your practice. Some companies will also be willing to finance your master’s degree, which is an attractive option to save money and work professionally.

Architects must be formally educated in school and have real-world experience to succeed. If you start young, you will have an advantage, but it’s never too late to change your career and learn how to become an architect.