Visa Delayed Most Interchange Rate Changes Until April 2021   

Visa Inc. has announced its delaying the fees for credit card swipes until April 2021. The reason has to do with the coronavirus crisis. Also, Visa is cutting the interchange fees for in-store purchases at supermarkets in July. Let’s reveal more about the topic and find reliable and low cost high risk merchant accounts in the U.S.

High Risk Merchant Accounts U.S. & Visa’s New Plans

Visa has delayed almost all its interchange and fee changes planned for the U.S. The new date is April 2021. However, this doesn’t refer to cutting the interchange fees in supermarkets.

The reason why the payment giant has decided to postpone its plans has to do with the current situation caused by COVID-19. The thing is that the changes would increase the rates for some merchants, and they would have a difficult time coping with the rise in expenses. After all, the current financial crisis has brought its negative impact on sales.

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Visa Delaying the Deadline for U.S. Convenience & Fuel Operators

Visa Inc. has also postponed the deadline for convenience and fuel operators. So, merchants now have more time to acquire new payment systems so to be able to process EMV chip and contactless payments. April 2021 is the new deadline. 

Given the current economic situation, sales could still be slower as compared to the pre-pandemic rates in April 2021. So, the payment giant may again face a situation were it should enforce policies that could create difficulties for merchants but be beneficial for it. 

As you see, Visa Inc. has announced a new deadline for its U.S. interchange and fee changes. April 2021 is the new date. However, this doesn’t refer to the planned interchange reductions in supermarkets. The company believes this decision will help them make sure the digital payments ecosystem has long-term stability.

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