Merch Ideas For Apparel Brands

If you run an apparel company and are looking to integrate merchandise into your stock, whether as a way of making additional money or for heightening awareness of your brand, then it is important to have a range of compelling ideas at your disposal.

This is because, although merchandise is familiar to most people, there are a lot of different types to be aware of.

For instance, if you use the services of a branding specialist, you can create your own custom made clothing accessories with your logo or slogan on. This option is especially useful if your apparel company doesn’t produce its own clothes in-house.

Alternatively, you could sell your own branded accessories for hobbies or activities linked in some way to your brand image. For example, if you had a surfing aesthetic, you could create branded surfboards.

Here is a range of interesting merchandise ideas for apparel brands:

You could create branded socks

One of the core requirements for great merchandise is that it has to be memorable, and you can certainly do worse than creating your own branded clothing accessories. While you might sell a variety of different clothing, having your own branded accessories – such as custom socks – can set your company apart and ensure you stick in the minds of your customers.

If you were to create your own custom socks, they could be used for various purposes. Firstly, you could sell them to customers, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of their memory (how can it not when they put your socks on every week).

Another use for your branded socks could be that your staff wear them on shift, adding a fun touch that demonstrates your attention to detail.

Create specialist accessories that are on-brand

Continuing with the accessory idea, if your apparel brand bases its image around a particular theme or activity, you could create custom-branded accessories related to it.

An example of this idea could be that you run a surf-themed store, so you create your own branded surfboards. Alternatively, if your apparel has a rock theme, then you could brand a guitar pick, drum stick, or instrument case.

This idea works well because it allows customers to genuinely use your merchandise as part of their favorite activities, which improves your brand image and creates a stronger connection between your target market and your business.

Indeed, you could take this idea further and integrate it into clothing ranges. For instance, if you had an outdoor clothing section, you could create a camping package that includes a branded thermal flask, sleeping bag, or compass.

Wristbands are fashionable and easy to produce

A simple merchandise idea could be to create your own wristbands. The beauty of this idea is that many people collect wristbands and wear them as part of their fashion aesthetic.

Wristbands are especially good for your image if you are trying to build a music or urban-themed brand because they can easily be mistaken for a music festival or nightclub wristbands.