declare social media handles — and why it is best to do it now

Snag your identify

Whether or not you need to begin a enterprise, are planning on turning into a social media influencer, or just hope to have a really nifty social media handle, you should grab your coveted name now — even before you create your business, launch a website or even register your domain.

Get ready, friends, because I’m about to give you a real-talk smackdown on why, if you haven’t grabbed your desired handles yet, you’re already behind.

But first, here’s how to nab your handles:

1. Decide on your desired social media handles.

Keep in mind that there is a limit of 15 characters on Twitter. If you want your handle to be the same on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (and you totally should), you’ll need to keep it to 15 characters or less. Also, it shouldn’t be too “clever” (ahem be careful of puns), too long or hard to spell.

2. Check each social media platform and see if your desired handle is available.

If it’s not available on one platform, go back to step one. More on why in a moment.

3. Once you’ve found a handle you can secure across all platforms, create an account with each and grab it while you can.

These suckers get snapped up faster than a Wonka Bar during a golden ticket rush — if you get my drift — so get ‘em now!

4. Post a profile picture on each platform along with a brief bio of what you want to do with each.

Why do this now, even when you aren’t ready to move forward with it? Simple! You don’t want to be flagged as an inactive account, or worse, a squatter.

Squatter … say what?!

Beware the squatter label

Sitting on a handle you don’t plan to use could only cause issues down the road.

If you grab social media handles and don’t ever use them, it’s called squatting, and it’s actually a no-no on most social media platforms. In fact, it’s a violation of the rules of Twitter and Instagram (in the event you learn their fantastic print just like the nerd in me completely did).

From the Twitter horse’s mouth: “Username squatting: You might not have interaction in username squatting. Among the elements we think about when figuring out whether or not conduct is username squatting embody:

  • The variety of accounts created
  • The creation of accounts for the aim of stopping others from utilizing these account names
  • The creation of accounts for the aim of promoting these accounts
  • The usage of third-party content material feeds to replace and preserve accounts underneath the names of these third events.

Please observe that Twitter can also take away accounts which can be inactive for greater than six months.”

So, in the event you seize a deal with, submit to it from time to time even earlier than you’re able to make it one thing you usually use so that you don’t get flagged as a squatter. You possibly can at all times pull a 2017 Taylor Swift and delete all of your posts later.

On Fb, your web page might change into unpublished for inactivity.


I couldn’t get a concrete reply on what number of days/weeks/months it takes for this to occur, nonetheless. Alternatively, I’ve learn reviews of pages being deleted utterly, after which people not with the ability to receive that username once more.

So, it is best to submit one thing instantly in the event you obtain a notification from Fb that claims “individuals who like your web page right here haven’t heard from you shortly. Write a submit,” or “your web page right here could also be unpublished quickly as a result of it hasn’t been up to date shortly, and it received’t be seen on Fb or in search. To maintain your Web page seen, you possibly can go to it or publish a submit.”

My very own social media handles fake pas

I’m a blogger, and I ought to know higher. I say this manner too usually, truly, however alas, I tousled my very own social media handles sport.

Not like among the smartest bloggers I do know — who’ve one deal with that works for each social media platform — I’ve a unique one for Instagram, Twitter, Fb … and, properly, you get the thought.

I must be FamousAshley throughout the board, however I’m not. This makes it more durable for some folks to determine who the heck to comply with on the varied platforms. Therein lies the primary clue as to why you must get your social media handles geese in a row stat!

You want consistency with social media handles

Social Media Handles Consistency
On this occasion, it pays to be the identical throughout the board.

Having a deal with that’s the identical on each platform makes it simpler for folks to seek out you, and it makes the advertising of your deal with a lot less complicated, too. Suppose branding and consistency — while you do what I did and have totally different handles like FamousAshleyGrant, FamousAshley and AshleyisFamous, you get annoying emails like these:

“Hey, earlier than I comply with this particular person, I needed to verify it’s truly you.”

And even:

“Why do you may have so many bizarre handles on social? Aren’t you supposed to make use of the identical one all over the place?”

Ouch! Can we are saying, embarrassing? Sigh … however let’s get again to your social media sport!

It’s essential seize it earlier than it’s gone

Let’s say you’re contemplating an organization identify like All Issues Social and also you need your social media handles throughout the varied platforms to be @AllThingsSocial. Sadly, on Twitter it’s already taken, though it seems to be an inactive account.

So, now you need to return to the drafting board and create a deal with that you should use all over the place, or battle to try to safe the deal with you need. Remember that new social media handles are snapped up each single day, so you must pounce on those you need at the moment otherwise you threat it not being there tomorrow.

Enjoyable reality: Mothers-to-be are even securing social media handles, profiles and e-mail addresses for his or her kids earlier than they’re born simply to make sure they will have these names once they’re grown up! The identical may be mentioned for private domains, too.

Social Media Handles Names
Picture: chuttersnap on Unsplash

What to do if somebody has a deal with you’ve trademarked

Let’s say you already personal an organization identify and have trademarked it, however somebody already has the deal with you trademarked. You would possibly have the ability to negotiate with the social media platforms or the one that at the moment “owns” the deal with to safe it for your self. Nonetheless, this isn’t essentially the case. With trademarked names, you would possibly need to seek the advice of your lawyer. I don’t play one on the web, so I can’t advise you as to your finest plan of action right here, sadly.

One factor I’ll say is don’t attempt to buy the deal with from somebody who received it first. Buying and promoting social media handles is explicitly said as a violation of the phrases of practically each social media platform I do know.

Should you do have a trademark and know somebody is blatantly utilizing your identify as a deal with to dupe unsuspecting customers into believing it’s you, you might need a case for the social media platform to strip the imposter of the identify and provides it to you. One other factor to remember is that if a social media deal with is inactive, you may additionally have the ability to persuade the social media platform to relinquish the account to you.

Once more, this may not truly be doable, and you may find yourself nonetheless not getting the deal with you need. I do know for a incontrovertible fact that help tickets on Fb and Twitter can go months with out being answered — in the event that they ever even are acknowledged — however that’s for an additional article.

A fast recap on social media handles

So now you already know every part about social media handles, proper? Proper. Right here’s a fast recap:

  1. Safe your required social media handles, ASAP, on all platforms you intend to make use of, even in the event you’re not prepared to make use of them. I’ll reiterate right here that it is best to try to get the identical identify throughout the interwebs for consistency and branding functions.
  2. Don’t simply squat. Add a profile pic and transient bio.
  3. Publish usually. Present that the account is energetic so that you don’t threat shedding it.

That’s about it for what you must know for how you can declare your social media handles. Now, I’m off to determine what my subsequent steps are for my very own social state of affairs. Till subsequent time, bloggy mates!

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