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Sam Schick operates Neversink, an agency based in Coastal Maine that offers a range of services that include brand-building and web design. Follow Sam on Instagram.

The who:

The website you built for your cousin’s pizzeria is so legit. Do you often get the opportunity to pitch creative ideas like that to your clients? How does the conversation go?

I think we always have that opportunity – often enough those pitches might even be expected, or at least hoped for – but it’s still a question of teasing out just how good a fit they are for the client’s vision and their own ability to see it through.

In every event, we begin all work with what we see as the “blue sky” questions: Where are we really trying to go? Wouldn’t it be amazing if … ? We’ll measure, SWOT, and try to identify possible breakpoints later, but

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10 design trends you need to know in 2022

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Jan virtual meet up

Join GoDaddy and Adam Griggs, CEO & Founder of, for our January 26th virtual meetup, as Adam shares his top recommend apps and how they can help you to be more successful in your business.

As we skid around the corner into 2022, we’re all excited about the opportunity to refresh. While the future remains uncertain, you can always bet on GoDaddy Studio to help keep your content ahead of design trends with relevant, inspiring and beautiful tools and templates.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at emerging design trends that seem certain to gain momentum in the year ahead. Peek the list below for popular aesthetics and ideas that’ll give you an upper hand above the competition. You can embrace any of these options as you plan your fresh on-trend content for 2022.

1. Inclusive authentic representation

Less of

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Using the WooCommerce API to add custom functionality

WooCommerce API Guide

The WordPress WooCommerce combination is one of the most flexible, user-friendly ways to build and manage an online store. Part of what makes the platform so flexible is its APIs. With the APIs, you have a powerful tool for handling your ecommerce operations and building custom applications to manage your business.

In this post, we’ll examine how the WooCommerce REST API works and how you can use it to improve your ecommerce store.

What can you do using the WooCommerce API?

The WordPress REST API enables outside applications to interact with WordPress’s functionality. The WooCommerce API is a fully integrated extension of the WordPress REST API. It can read, create, update, and delete data using JSON requests and standard HTTP verbs. When you make a REST API call, WooCommerce and WordPress connect with the PHP and SQL backend. They then process your request and generate the output.

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How to sell on eBay: A beginner’s guide for online retailers

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Jan virtual meet up

Join GoDaddy and Adam Griggs, CEO & Founder of, for our January 26th virtual meetup, as Adam shares his top recommend apps and how they can help you to be more successful in your business.

In 2011, Justin Dube, a motorcycle enthusiast, lost his job as a convenience store manager and was struggling to make ends meet, so he started a side business dismantling motorcycles and selling the parts on eBay. He made his first sale on the same day he posted his first listing, and by 2012, he was shipping more than $5,300 worth of parts to people worldwide each month.

“That’s how our business on eBay came to be,” he told eBay in 2013. “Every month, we increase our inventory and make more money than the last.”

Selling on eBay, Dube was able to not only do what he loved,

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Amy Masson: Sumy Designs – GoDaddy Weblog

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Amy Masson operates Sumy Designs, LLC, a boutique net design firm based mostly in West Lafayette, IN that gives a wide range of net design companies that assist prospects discover companies. Observe her on Fb, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The who:

Given a enterprise title is so central to a model, we are likely to put a whole lot of significance on it. How did you arrive at a reputation, and the way do you’re feeling about it now that you simply’ve been in enterprise some time?

Apparently, the title was one of many hardest components of beginning our enterprise. The enterprise is co-owned on my own and my sister and we went forwards and backwards on what to call ourselves. We wished one thing distinctive that might stand out, and one thing that represented who we’re.  Ultimately we landed on Sumy, which derived

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