It is quite hard to imagine entering the Forex trading world without adopting a specific business strategy. It is highly risky because you don’t even know what to do when there is a bearish or downward movement in the market. In addition to this, it is recommended that you follow a style while entering a trade because, in certain market conditions, traders don’t have any alternative way to handle a loss. But following a system can help them overcome this situation.

How to choose a strategy?

Many beginners become confused about this issue because they don’t understand which one can be a perfect plan for themselves. Don’t worry. We are here to make everything easy for you. Before choosing a plan, you have to look at a few issues –

  • Timeframe

There are two different types of timeframe in the Forex industry – shorter or lower timeframe and longer or …

Visa Inc. has announced its delaying the fees for credit card swipes until April 2021. The reason has to do with the coronavirus crisis. Also, Visa is cutting the interchange fees for in-store purchases at supermarkets in July. Let’s reveal more about the topic and find reliable and low cost high risk merchant accounts in the U.S.

High Risk Merchant Accounts U.S. & Visa’s New Plans

Visa has delayed almost all its interchange and fee changes planned for the U.S. The new date is April 2021. However, this doesn’t refer to cutting the interchange fees in supermarkets.

The reason why the payment giant has decided to postpone its plans has to do with the current situation caused by COVID-19. The thing is that the changes would increase the rates for some merchants, and they would have a difficult time coping with the rise in expenses. After all, the current financial