Blog Design Tips: Persuading Visitors to Stay

I’ve arrived on your site. Do I want to stay? It takes only seconds for visitors to decide whether to leave your blog or stay. Can you influence their decision? Can you keep them clicking? Yes, you can. Good blog design answers visitor questions clearly and quickly. Here are some things that visitors typically want to know when they arrive at your site.

Does this site look credible and professional? People process visual information faster than verbal information. Like it or not, people make first impressions of you based on your body language and your clothes, before they even begin to talk with you. On the web, it’s the same. You ARE your site. What your site looks like determines a visitor’s first impression of who you are and how professional and credible you are.

Does the information here solve my problems and answer my questions? There are very few people out there – except maybe your family – that really cares what you do. In fact, telling people you are a so-and-so only conjures up preconceived ideas of what they think a so-and-so is. Labels trigger associations in people, which are most often false. So don’t label yourself. Busana Muslim  Instead, turn it around to what people really DO care about: their own problems and questions. That’s what most business people are on the web for: education and information. Give that to them. Tell them not what you do, but what problems you solve and for whom. Then share your expertise. People will come running for more.

Who is the person or people behind the company? Don’t hide behind your company name! People want to know who YOU are. They want to be assured that there’s a real person behind the promises. Transparency is important in creating trust. And trust is critical if people are going to do business with you.

What do you want me to do here? People get confused easily on the web. You would be surprised at how many people leave a site and don’t buy a product or service just because they can’t easily find how to do it – or even that they CAN do it! Make it easy for them. Lead them through your site with calls to action or “go here next” guidelines on every page. For instance, after a blog article, give links to articles on related topics. After an “About Us” page, suggest that they visit the page about your services, download your special report; or buy your product. The details will vary with your situation, but the principle is the same: guide visitors through your site, rather than leaving it to chance.

How can I contact you? Let visitors know how they can contact you. It’s partly an issue of creating transparency and trust; and partly just a matter of making it abundantly clear and easy for people! If you’re worried about spam or security, set up an email specific for your site and /or a telephone number on Skype. Make it easy for people to do business with you.