NRx Pharmaceuticals Raises $25M Via Equity To Support Its Pipeline Development

NRx Pharmaceuticals NRXP has announced the private placement of 7.8 million shares priced at a premium to market under Nasdaq rule, for gross proceeds of $25 million.

  • The Company will also issue unregistered preferred investment options to purchase up to an aggregate of 7.8 million shares. 
  • The purchase price for one share of common stock and one investment option to purchase one common share is $3.195. 
  • “The proceeds of this investment will be targeted towards continuing to advance our three potentially life-saving therapies,” said Jonathan Javitt, CEO and Chairman of NRx Pharmaceuticals.
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  • The investment options have an exercise price of $3.07 per share, will be exercisable six months following issuance, and will have a term equal to five years.
  • H.C. Wainwright & Co. is acting as the exclusive placement agent for the
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Sam Schick | Member Stories


Sam Schick operates Neversink, an agency based in Coastal Maine that offers a range of services that include brand-building and web design. Follow Sam on Instagram.

The who:

The website you built for your cousin’s pizzeria is so legit. Do you often get the opportunity to pitch creative ideas like that to your clients? How does the conversation go?

I think we always have that opportunity – often enough those pitches might even be expected, or at least hoped for – but it’s still a question of teasing out just how good a fit they are for the client’s vision and their own ability to see it through.

In every event, we begin all work with what we see as the “blue sky” questions: Where are we really trying to go? Wouldn’t it be amazing if … ? We’ll measure, SWOT, and try to identify possible breakpoints later, but

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