Why Bitcoin- And Ethereum-Related Stocks MicroStrategy And Hut 8 Are Falling Today

Shares of crypto-related stocks, including MicroStrategy Incorporated (NASDAQ:MSTR) and Hut 8 Mining Corp (NASDAQ:HUT), are trading lower during Friday’s after-hours session amid a decrease in the price of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH).

Bitcoin is trading 16% lower for the week at around $38,500 in Friday’s after-hours session.

Ethereum is trading 24% lower for the week at around $2,500 in Friday’s after-hours session.

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MicroStrategy is a provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software.

MicroStrategy is trading lower by 4.2% at $360.

Hut 8 Mining is North America’s innovation-focused digital asset miner.

Hut 8 Mining is trading lower by 3.2% at $5.20.

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What Is a Podcast? How Podcasts Work and How to Get Started – Smart Passive Income

New to the world of podcasting? You might be wondering, what exactly is a podcast? And how do they work? In this article I’ll cover what a podcast is, what they’re used for, and how to get started with your own podcast.

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What Is a Podcast and How Do They Work?

A podcast is a digital audio “show” or program that you can download or stream from the internet on your smartphone, computer, or tablet and listen when it’s convenient for you.

Podcasts are an extremely popular form of media that’s growing quickly. The first podcasts were produced by individuals, but now they’re also made by companies, news outlets, and other organizations. Podcasting has become big business, with companies like Apple, Spotify, iHeartMedia, SiriusXM heavily invested in podcasting.

For the listener, podcasts are a versatile medium! The audio-only format of podcasts makes them easy to consume in

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