A pack of cryptocurrencies have gained momentum spurred by disparate elements during the last week. Is now the time to purchase Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA), Filecoin (CRYPTO: FIL), Everipedia (CRYPTO: IQ), or Kyber Community (CRYPTO: KNC)? 

ADA: The native cryptocurrency of the Cardano community will start buying and selling on Coinbase Professional beginning Thursday. In-bound transfers have been allowed earlier on Wednesday. ADA has rallied 23.81% on a seven-day trailing foundation. At press time, the cryptocurrency was buying and selling 14.85% larger at $1.41.

Cardano has returned 687.62% on a year-to-date

Snag your identify

Whether or not you need to begin a enterprise, are planning on turning into a social media influencer, or just hope to have a really nifty social media handle, you should grab your coveted name now — even before you create your business, launch a website or even register your domain.

Get ready, friends, because I’m about to give you a real-talk smackdown on why, if you haven’t grabbed your desired handles yet, you’re already behind.

But first, here’s how to nab your handles:

1. Decide on your desired social media handles.

Keep in mind that there is a limit of 15 characters on Twitter. If you want your handle to be the same on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (and you totally should), you’ll need to keep it to 15 characters or less. Also, it shouldn’t be too “clever” (ahem be careful of puns), too long or