The ABC’s of Google Ads Mistakes, Part 3: Automation

Google Ads can seem pretty daunting at first. For inexperienced marketers or business owners, it is often quite intimidating.  As Google Ads experts, we’ve been reviewing the most common or “ABCs” of Google Ads mistakes.

In case you missed our last two articles, the ABCs of Google Ads mistakes are:

  • A – Automation
  • B – Broad Keywords
  • C – Conversion Tracking

“C” refers to your conversion tracking. Your conversion setup and tracking are critical and should form the basis for all accounts. To succeed in Google Ads, you must measure your performance.

The “B” stands for broad keywords. Understanding match types and broad keywords is crucial in managing your Google ads account. Improper use of broad keywords can waste your money on useless search terms

Now, this might seem backwards, but we’ve finally arrived at the “A” in Google Ads. The “A” in Google ads stands for “automation,” and

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How Small Businesses Can Use Free Welcome Offers

Free welcome offers are a brilliant way for small businesses to win and keep customers. They provide ways of engaging with people at the consideration stage of buying; it can help them to decide that your company offers what they want. We’ve highlighted four examples of companies and industries that use free welcome offers. These examples explain why they’re great tactics and how your small business can apply the lessons they provide.

Take Tips from Streaming Sites (like Spotify)

Streaming sites have mastered the art of using free welcome offers to get people hooked on their products and turn them into customers. The idea is simple: offer a free trial period where you can use the product for nothing.

The genius of this strategy is that you allow people to learn to love your product in their own time. This relieves the pressure of having to spend money to

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