The Tata Motors logo is seen on the engine grille of a truck in Mumbai

Profits at India’s Tata Motors jumped 67 percent during the last quarter of 2020, the company said Friday, benefiting from pent-up demand that saw consumers flock to buy cars.

The Mumbai-headquartered firm, which owns British luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), saw consolidated net profit climb to 29.06 billion rupees ($398.91 million) during the October-December quarter from 17.38 billion rupees a year earlier.

The results are a strong comeback for the automobile giant, which reported losses for three consecutive quarters as the pandemic hammered demand in domestic and .

“Due to a strong festive season and a clear preference for personal mobility, the (passenger vehicle) business posted its highest sales in last 33 quarters,” chief executive Guenter Butschek said in a statement.

JLR sales were up 19.1 percent year on year in China,

The service industry is facing the biggest blow during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is in sharp contrast to earlier recessions where manufacturing was the first to take a nosedive. A record 659,000 service jobs were lost in March alone. This is why if you make efforts to productize your services, you can boost revenue and keep your business thriving during the pandemic,

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