Boeing reported a big drop in 2020 deliveries and a reduced backlog in orders as it contended with dual 737 MAX and Covid-19 crises

Boeing on Tuesday reported a plunge in annual plane deliveries and a diminished order backlog as it contended with dual crises caused by the 737 MAX grounding and the travel industry downturn brought about by COVID-19.

The figures offer the final tally of a bruising year that forced Boeing in March to seek a bailout from Washington as it faced existential questions during the apex of both crises. Boeing was successful in obtaining the aid, but turned to private support instead.

Boeing, which has cut tens of thousands of jobs amid its struggles, delivered just 157 planes last year, down 59 percent from 2019.

The company’s backlog at the end of 2020 stood at 4,223, down from nearly 5,900 planes at the end of 2018, when

I have talked about problem solving every day for years and years, working with teams and individuals find solutions that improve their businesses. I like to think I have empathy and value the needs of the people and organizations I work with, taking time to appreciate their experiences, feelings and concerns. Working with people is how we unlock the nuggets that will lead to innovation and solutions to grow the business for years to come. I feel your pain.

The Pain of Problem Solving and Change

As is the norm in all small businesses, recently, I had cause to make changes and improvements within my business. If I am honest, it was a problematic, unsettling and emotional experience. I did all the right things, acknowledged and committed to the need for change, engaged experts for help and welcomed their suggestions rather than responding, ‘yes but.’

Despite all of my great