Canadian regulators must still reopen the country’s airspace to the 737 MAX following its worldwide grounding in 2019

Canadian airline WestJet said Wednesday it plans to return its passenger fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to the skies this month, nearly two years ago after their worldwide grounding following two crashes that killed 346 people.

“Our first MAX will be ready to return safely to service as of January 21,” company president Ed Sims said in a statement.

The return to service, however, is conditional on regulators reopening Canadian airspace to the jetliner, a decision expected this month after Boeing addressed and improved on the MAX.

In December, the Canadian government announced that it had validated changes made to the design of the aircraft used by domestic carriers Air Canada, WestJet and Sunwing.

“While we don’t have final confirmation on when (Transport Canada) will open Canadian

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