Times have changed, and your digital presence is arguably more important than your physical store these days. There aren’t the same limitations for online sales as there are with brick and mortar stores, and even small ecommerce businesses can quickly be catapulted to the international stage.

Making your digital presence strong is of the utmost importance, and positive online reviews are one of the most surefire ways to boost your business’s value in the eyes of new consumers.

Aggregating Customer Reviews

Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center has found that aggregating customer reviews next to online product listings boosts sales conversion rates across the board. Interestingly, while products with lower prices saw a conversion rate boost of 190%, which is impressive enough, in the case of higher-priced items, researchers observed a jaw-dropping 380% conversion rate boost.

There’s arguably no other aspect of ecommerce with such a direct positive correlation to

As we went into lockdown around the world, business owners and Xero partners had to learn a lot of new information quickly. So we turned our focus to educating our customers.

Over the last few months we’ve worked hard to pull together a series of daily educational webinars covering everything from accessing government assistance programmes to managing staff wellbeing, and business continuity planning. 

We created our Business continuity hub on Xero Central to bring all the content together in one place. Here you can find the latest information on government assistance programmes and watch recordings of the webinars.  

Working with our customer experience and community teams, we knew there was an urgent need for cash flow related resources. So we developed an educational journey of videos, courses and articles that covers everything from understanding the basics of cash flow to advanced reporting.

More individuals engaging than ever

We’ve seen a