Looking for CRM business automation you can set from a mobile device? Then Easy Automations, the new updated tool from Keap, may be for you. The pre-built and customized templates can be turned on simply by pushing a button.

Small Business Trends recently spoke with Ernest Saco, Sr. Product Manager and People Leader at Keap, about the new updates.

“These are easy to use automations that can save you time by automating repetitive tasks in just minutes,” he said.

The updates cover a lot of ground the average pressed-for-time business owner will want to know about. Not only that, they’re fast. It takes less than three minutes to automate items like scheduling.

Keap Easy Automations

These updates are also designed to move leads through the sales funnel quickly with user friendly drop down menus.

Saco says many businesses understand the benefits of automation but they run into a

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October’s here, and we’re thrilled to announce our app partner of the month is XBert an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered audit and process automation app that identifies anomalies, business patterns, and financial risks in your Xero accounting data. By automating these, often very manual tasks, XBert ultimately saves small businesses and their advisors time and money while giving them confidence in their business data.

Based in Australia’s coastal city – Coffs Harbour, XBert was founded in 2017 by schoolmates Troy Brown and Aaron Wittman. Aaron filled us in on how the team’s life-experiences highlighted just how crucial it is to have reliable business data and how this