These are strange, challenging times for businesses. The past few months have put a financial strain on them – from the loss of clients and revenues to furloughing staff – which further resulted in halting expansion plans, investments, and even marketing spends.

Digital agencies have also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study by Uplers, 66% of agencies experienced a decrease in overall revenue, while 47% experienced a decline in marketing leads.

Lead Generation Hacks

But rather than focusing on the adverse effects, it is crucial to think creatively and identify ways to generate more leads for the business. Here are five lead generation strategies that agencies must implement pronto:

1. Referral program

Referrals are a useful asset for any brand. They not only pique people’s interest but also get them talking. Since you have clients who love your services, get them to

By Beth Worthy

Businesses often need their content translated to other languages for various reasons. For example, a law firm may need a partnership contract to be translated or companies entering new markets may need translations of their marketing content to increase their brand awareness among their new audiences.

Regardless of why you need your content translated, it pays to do your research well before selecting a translation company. Hire a translation company without doing any research, and you may end up with embarrassing translation goofs that can severely damage your brand.

Here are 15 questions you should ask before hiring a translation company.

1. What is your area of specialization?

Every industry has its own jargon, which may not mean the same thing in layman’s language. For example, industries such as medical, legal, manufacturing, and finance are filled with industry specific terminology.

Find out whether the translation company is