How to Pick the Best Workflow Software for Your Organization

By Brandon Harris

A workflow management system (WMS) is a software tool that’s used to simplify everyday business processes and make them efficient. It represents a virtual platform to hold data that is automatically routed to a sequential path of tasks until it is fully processed.

To achieve new levels of productive efficiencies, more and more organizations are turning to workflow management systems. However, with so many options and products now available, it’s not easy to choose a software tool that best suits your business activities. Thus, you may have paid a high price for your workflow management software and spent considerable time training your staff on the new platform, but you may still find out that it lacks some key features you needed.

To avoid this issue, make sure to follow these tips.

Involve Team Members in Choosing the Workflow Software

Oftentimes, the individual purchasing the workflow software is

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25 Tips and Tricks on How to Stay in Touch with Customers

Businesses around the country are struggling to respond to the effects of COVID-19. Whether your operation has closed or you’re just struggling to stay relevant in the time of social distancing, communicating with customers is key. But do you know how to stay in touch with customers?

How to Stay in Touch With Customers

In all likelihood, you may need to reach out to customers in multiple ways to really get important messages across. Here are 25 tips on how to stay in touch with customers you might consider.

Send Email Updates

Probably the easiest and most direct way for many companies to stay in touch is by email. Most small businesses already have an email list where they send newsletters or updates about sales or new products. This can be a valuable way to let customers know any changes your business is making right now due

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