By Chris Legaspi

As a small business owner, taking things to the next level will always be an objective, because who wouldn’t want to expand into new markets and grow profits sooner or later?

To make this happen, you’ll be needing investors to help you fund your start-up’s operations. You also want to create and sustain enough consumer demand the whole time for your product or service and business model since it’s one of the indicators that your business is ready to scale.

How, then, do you secure your business’s potential—even if it’s still in the early stages—to grow in the near future? Here are some ideas that have worked for today’s businesses, which most likely started from where you are right now.

1. Aim for Simplicity

The simpler, the better. It’s what most people are aiming for these days.

Since life can get really busy so quickly, people want

For small businesses, resources can be tight. Especially right now.

Limited budgets can present challenges for how businesses raise awareness, acquire customers, and generate revenue.

In fact, 39% of small business owners agree that a limited budget is a major roadblock in growing their businesses.

However, there are plenty of low-cost, high-yielding marketing hacks that can help you reach your customers.

These marketing hacks might not leverage traditional channels, but they can impact your bottom line.

In this article, you’ll discover five marketing hacks you can deploy to acquire new customers and generate sales at little or no cost. They include:

  • Get featured in press by responding to journalists and podcasters
  • Personalize cold outreach campaigns
  • Correct Existing Mentions of Your Brand
  • Add videos to your landing page
  • Repurpose old blog content

Cheap Marketing Hacks to Use During a Pandemic

Ready to dive in? You’ll see why each

As a small business owner and a consultant for the past 10 years, I live and die by my ability to pitch. Pitching is the fastest way to get business when you have nothing. There is also the very real possibility that competition for work is going to get a lot harder. With the millions of newly unemployed people.

Tips for Sales Pitching

Here are my secrets on how to win more pitches.

Get Permission to Pitch

It may seem counterintuitive but you don’t actually want to cold pitch people. Getting permission to pitch allows you to increase your conversion rates with your list. 99% of all cold pitches look something like this.

Hi Mr. Prospect.

My name is Austin Iuliano, I’m a social media consultant. I wanted to tell you about this great new offer I think you will love. Here is a big wall of text

By Melanie Little

“Supporting local” doesn’t necessarily mean supporting small and local businesses in your community. “Local” is term that gets tossed around a lot lately. In fact, it’s used so much that it’s become a little kitsch. But what does it really mean? Well, technically, local can be used to refer to any business (large or small) that operates in your community.

Now here’s where the meaning of “local” can get a bit murky. When customers refer to a “local” business they usually mean a small locally-owned business. But “local” can also be used by big corporates to describe their locally operated branches in your community.

Phrases like “local business” or even “locally-owned business” might conjure up warm images of quaint mom-and-pop shops. But, clearly, that’s not always the case when the term “local business” is bandied about.

And why does this distinction matter? Well, as you’ll

If you are thinking about roping in influencers to stay afloat in the coronavirus pandemic, you should go ahead with your plan.

Influencers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

According to the latest survey from Influence Central, influencers are seeing a surge in social media impressions and engagement across platforms during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because more and more followers are connecting to influencers for their content to get guidance.

In tough times, like now, people want to get more information from their trusted influencers.

Small businesses are often started out to help the local community. In the time of highly contagious coronavirus, you should also reach out to your audience to let them know that you care and you’re there to help them in every possible way.

And considering the growing engagement on influencers’ content in the wake of coronavirus, opting for influencer marketing campaigns to spread

By Brandon Harris

A workflow management system (WMS) is a software tool that’s used to simplify everyday business processes and make them efficient. It represents a virtual platform to hold data that is automatically routed to a sequential path of tasks until it is fully processed.

To achieve new levels of productive efficiencies, more and more organizations are turning to workflow management systems. However, with so many options and products now available, it’s not easy to choose a software tool that best suits your business activities. Thus, you may have paid a high price for your workflow management software and spent considerable time training your staff on the new platform, but you may still find out that it lacks some key features you needed.

To avoid this issue, make sure to follow these tips.

Involve Team Members in Choosing the Workflow Software

Oftentimes, the individual purchasing the workflow software is