COVID-19 rocked the boat for many small businesses in New Zealand. Business owners had to work hard to stay afloat. These three awesome Kiwi businesses hustled to help their business survive the storm of COVID-19.

Paintvine: Bringing you Banksy in your living room

Before COVID-19, Paintvine was a 100% on-premise events company hosting ‘paint and sip’ events in bars and restaurants around New Zealand. Since then, they’ve completely evolved their business model to 100% online. Paintvine Online offers a Netflix-style service where people can select which painting they’d like to recreate, using the art supplies they’ve been sent. Watching the videos, you then follow the artist’s directions from the comfort of your own home. 

Previously, Paintvine’s success was focused on the number of tickets sold to each event. Now, it’s all about subscription revenue for the online classes. This opened up an entirely new market for the business, with 60%

The farming industry is ever-changing. And with a growing global population, farmers and their resources are feeling the pressure. Advancements in technology have improved the way farmers operate, but have also added layers of complexity. Today, farmers have to be skilled at everything – both on the farm and in the office. 

And they can’t do it alone. It takes a team with the right tools to run a great farm. We want to equip farmers with the best technology, so they can take ownership of their business and achieve their goals.

That’s why Xero, Figured and PaySauce have come together to offer a fully integrated farming solution for farm owners and operators, and their farming team. Xero for farming is a solution for the whole farming team – from the farmer, to their accountant, banker, and consultant.

Working together, the team can bring different perspectives to the table to

People are innately social beings. We crave connection and interaction – specifically with other humans. Ten times out of ten, a customer is going to choose to interact with a person over a cold, corporate entity. This puts brands at a distinct disadvantage, but it doesn’t necessarily knock you out of the game.

The most successful brands – the Coca Colas, Apples, and Nikes of the world – don’t allow this inhibiting factor to prevent them from engaging with consumers. Instead of fighting an uphill battle to reset the way people think and interact, they work with the natural tendencies of the human brain. They humanize their brands in ways that make their marketing more relatable and magnetic – and you can, too.

7 Tips to Humanize Your Brand

To humanize your brand is to make your brand feel like a friend that your customers have known for years.

John Brownhill and his sister, Amanda, founded Food4Heroes in March this year to support their local NHS workers. Providing free, freshly prepared meals to NHS staff using local networks of pubs, restaurants and catering businesses – it’s now been scaled up to support key workers nationally.

After starting at one hospital in Yorkshire, the team will have served nearly 250,000 meals nationwide by late June. Here’s more on their journey, the response so far and what the future holds for the charity.

Pivoting existing skills to support the community

John and Amanda were not complete strangers to the world of catering before setting up Food4Heroes. Amanda ran a catering business which was not operating due to the lockdown. This closure coincided with a video of a nurse called Dawn who couldn’t buy any food after a long shift due to stockpiling.

“We saw this video and knew something had to

Using video as part of marketing is gaining a lot of traction across businesses of all sizes. The key to their popularity lies in their relative ease to engage with both prospects and clients across multiple platforms. As demonstrations go video is simply the best way to make your customers or prospects be more comfortable towards making a purchase.

With access to broadband internet increasing, businesses are looking to video to engage with customers both new and old in their decision-making processes.  Businesses and probably your competition are joining the bandwagon looking to video to help capture value from their audience. Marketing with video can be both fun and rewarding.

Growth of Video

The current global forecast estimates the average person will watch 100 minutes of online video each day in 2021. In fact, a survey of marketers reveals 88% of them say video marketing provides them with a

Empathy is powerful. The ability to put yourself in another’s shoes to better understand their situation and point of view can build connection and trust.

As your small or medium sized business (SMB) moves into the new normal, it’s vital to connect with your customers in an empathetic way. They already trust your brand, and digital marketing can make it easy to stay connected when routines are disrupted or as your team gets ready to go back to work.

If you want to use the power of digital marketing to engage empathetically with customers, here are four ways:

Email with compassion

You’ve probably received a host of emails from brands you do business with, many of them titled, “Our response to COVID-19.” It does seem like every brand has sent one of those in the first month of the pandemic. But what can you say when moving forward and beyond