Ready your tablets, laptops and phones because Xero is going ‘On Air’. That’s right, we’re hosting a free to watch content series from 14-17 September dubbed ‘Xero On Air’. We will share information, tips and insights with our communities around the world.

In a whole new approach to connecting and sharing, we’ll release new ‘episodes’ each day. This means you can tailor the viewing experience to your interests and watch the episodes at times that suit you – much like your home viewing experience. Xero On Air has about 30 episodes – everything from exclusive insights to economic recovery, product announcements and inspiring customer stories.

We’ve sourced incredible talent from around the world: our people at Xero, our customers, special guests and community members, to give you a wide variety of information to help you and your small business clients adapt to a new environment. We’ve lined up our CEO,

Many Australian small businesses say JobKeeper has been a lifesaver in these difficult times, and Xero Small Business Insights data seems to bear that out. So it’s good to hear JobKeeper has been extended, with some notable changes. We’ve tried to capture what’s new with the wage-subsidy program below. 

There are some complexities, so we recommend you see your trusted bookkeeper or accountant for the fullest picture, as well as visit the ATO’s JobKeeper extension page

Eyes on September

If you want the JobKeeper changes summarised in 15 words, the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers has captured them nicely:Nothing changes before end-September. Then some employers become ineligible, and some receive less.

You may remember that in your original application for JobKeeper, you had to document a one-time drop in business revenue of at least 30%. It only applied to eligible employees who were with you

As lockdown eases, more people are returning to work. For many, this is a significant and potentially anxiety-inducing step. As a business leader, it’s important that everyone on your team feels comfortable about the return to work.

To help make the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve put together our own guide on how to bring your team back to the workplace. As well as making the workplace physically safe, supporting the mental wellbeing of staff as they return is equally important. Here are some of our tips to help you determine the right way to open your working space.

Back to work guidance

Any back-to-work plan needs to acknowledge the profound changes to ways of working as a result of COVID-19. This is likely to have a longer term impact on how we all work, with research showing that three-quarters of employees want to continue working remotely more

Automation is making a huge impact on small businesses and the workforce as a whole. But salespeople aren’t generally concerned about losing jobs to automation.

A recent report on the state of retail sales from Raydiant, a digital signage platform for businesses, found that only 12% of retail sales professionals believe that their jobs will be taken by robots in the coming years. In fact, only 13% of the workers who are still employed are currently worried about their job security as their employers emerge from COVID-19 shutdowns.

Salesperson Jobs Automation – Raydiant Survey

Basically, these numbers indicate the importance of sales associates in a retail environment. Regardless of the economy and the technology available, a human touch is generally still preferred when attempting to close sales with customers in person. Even if automation is employed in other areas, sales associates believe they will still be needed to make

By Hiral Atha

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to small businesses across the world.  Storefronts are shutting down at an alarming rate, and those still standing are facing a customer drought.  Even after the shutdowns are lifted, customers are very likely to refrain from stepping out in public and favor online shopping as often as they can.

So that’s where you go! Take your business where the customers are. Go online.

However, for businesses that have traditionally relied on footfall and in-person interaction for so long, the transition from offline to online isn’t an easy one. You could be overwhelmed by information, wondering where to start and struggling with too many questions. Today, this post will help you answer those questions and give you a structured guide to taking your offline business online.

First Steps: Head to Social Media

Taking your first step towards digital transformation can be

These are strange, challenging times for businesses. The past few months have put a financial strain on them – from the loss of clients and revenues to furloughing staff – which further resulted in halting expansion plans, investments, and even marketing spends.

Digital agencies have also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study by Uplers, 66% of agencies experienced a decrease in overall revenue, while 47% experienced a decline in marketing leads.

Lead Generation Hacks

But rather than focusing on the adverse effects, it is crucial to think creatively and identify ways to generate more leads for the business. Here are five lead generation strategies that agencies must implement pronto:

1. Referral program

Referrals are a useful asset for any brand. They not only pique people’s interest but also get them talking. Since you have clients who love your services, get them to