Businesses around the country are struggling to respond to the effects of COVID-19. Whether your operation has closed or you’re just struggling to stay relevant in the time of social distancing, communicating with customers is key. But do you know how to stay in touch with customers?

How to Stay in Touch With Customers

In all likelihood, you may need to reach out to customers in multiple ways to really get important messages across. Here are 25 tips on how to stay in touch with customers you might consider.

Send Email Updates

Probably the easiest and most direct way for many companies to stay in touch is by email. Most small businesses already have an email list where they send newsletters or updates about sales or new products. This can be a valuable way to let customers know any changes your business is making right now due

It’s no surprise that consumers often feel a more personal connection to small businesses. There’s something about doing business with an independent CPA or indie cafe owner than with a big tax accounting firm or national coffee chain.

But those personal connections have to be earned over time. With each interaction, one customer at a time, small businesses must prove themselves trustworthy. That trust forms the foundation for customer loyalty.

In October 2019, we surveyed consumers to find out what they look for in the small businesses they support, as well as what business owners can do to earn their trust. Here’s what we learned about how small businesses earn customer loyalty.

Understand your customers so you can exceed their expectations

How can small businesses get their customers to love them? Here are some great insights from our research:

  • Know where your customers prefer to interact: While small businesses

Search for “Unboxing” on YouTube and you will get around 90 million results. Unboxing is a thing, and this, in turn, has made packaging your second product. So, consumers now see a memorable unboxing experience as valuable.

Are you looking to provide a great unboxing experience for your products? A new infographic by 2Flow titled, ‘How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience’ looks to answer how you can do that.

For small businesses with online commerce, this is a great way to really differentiate your brand from the drab brown boxes of some giant online retailers. This is because the box you send to your customers is the first touchpoint. And if you do it properly, it can be a strong selling point for repeat customers. To that point, don’t forget to be creative with your packaging.

What is an Unboxing Experience?

On social media, it is the

Gift certificates are being touted as a popular way for small businesses to continue earning revenue during the closures and social distancing procedures enacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, selling gift certificates can help a variety of businesses increase sales no matter the situation or time of year.

Selling Gift Certificates

If you’re interested in selling gift certificates but don’t know where to start, here’s a guide.

How to Get Gift Certificates

If you want to sell physical gift certificates for your business, you have a few main options — you can design and print them yourself using a program like Photoshop, or you can use a template from a printing service like Vistaprint and order them. Whichever route you choose, just add the essential information like what each card is redeemable for and when it can be used.

You can also get up and running

Old-school marketing tools like store signage and direct mail are enjoying a new popularity. In fact, eighty three percent of  marketers surveyed say using tools like direct mail bumps up ROI. Small Business Trends contacted John Patinella, CEO of Money Mailer, and Kristin Gallucci, Director of Marketing of Signarama, to find out why these are popular again.

Old School Marketing Techniques

Patinella started by supplying a definition of direct mail for younger people who might not be familiar with it.

“With direct mail marketing, businesses can deliver messages physically to a consumer’s mailbox through the United States Postal Service or other delivery service. Postcards, flyers, and catalogs are common examples.”

He says part of the reason for this new surge is a kind of online overflow at the hands of social media.

Digital to Print

Digital marketing has oversaturated the market, leaving consumers fatigued by

As the first of its kind Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Insightly Marketing is going to integrate marketing, sales, and project management into a single platform. And with this integration, businesses can better manage the entirety of the customer journey with a single solution.

What this means for marketing, sales and service teams is they have the exact same view of the customer. Consequently, there will be fewer mistakes, repetitions, and inefficiencies because they get the whole picture.

In the press release for the launch, Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly, addressed this aspect of the platform. Smith says, “Businesses today must address the complete customer and that means understanding the intricacies and value of each touchpoint.”

Smith adds, “By integrating marketing with project management and sales into a single platform, Insightly is revolutionizing the future of customer engagements by helping businesses deliver the right marketing initiatives with