What is scarcity marketing? Basically, it’s the tactic of increasing demand for a particular product or service based on the idea that the item is rare or difficult to obtain.

Why does this work? Customers tend to place a higher value on items that feel more exclusive or unique. A customer will probably pay more for an item that is one-of-a-kind than they will for something that everyone else already owns.

Scarcity Marketing Ideas

So how do you make the most of this concept? Here are some of the most powerful scarcity marketing techniques you can use to increase demand and make more sales for your small business.

Display Product Availability

Once your stock levels start getting a bit low, let your customers know by telling them exactly how many items are still available. If they see that there are only three left in stock, it will likely create

There are thousands of thousands of chambers of commerce in communities throughout the U.S. There’s a good chance that your local community has one. And your state and/or industry almost certainly has one as well.

If you haven’t joined a chamber of commerce organization, you might not understand all of the different benefits that these groups offer. Here’s a rundown of exactly what chambers provide and what you should consider when joining one.

What Is a Local Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber of commerce is a network of local businesses or businesses within a particular niche or industry. The organization works to further the interests of businesses in the area or industry through advocacy, networking opportunities and various other member benefits.

Every individual chamber of commerce is completely different. There’s the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a nationwide group that provides resources and advocacy for businesses in a wide array

You know that online reviews of your retail business matter. But did you know the businesses that do best at managing their online reviews actually earn more money? That’s part of the findings of an in-depth study by Womply that analyzed more than 38,000 retail businesses nationwide.

How to Manage Reviews for Your Retail Business

Keep reading to find out how to use online reviews to increase sales for your retail business’s revenues.

Tip 1: Get More Listings

It’s easy and free to claim your listings on online review sites, so why not do it? Local businesses that claim their listings on three or more review sites earn 21% more revenue than the average business, Womply found. Conversely, retailers that don’t claim their listing on any review sites earn 22% less revenue than the average business. That’s a lot of money to lose for just skipping such a simple

The debut of Surefire’s All-In-One Local Marketing Platform looks to make local businesses grow by letting them take control of their multi-channel marketing efforts.

A multi-channel approach is key in today’s digital ecosystem because small businesses now also operate online. Therefore, bringing the physical and digital worlds together is key to fully optimize ad spend. However, small businesses don’t always take advantage of the tools which are available to them when it comes to marketing.

Local marketing is especially important for small businesses because this is where they generate most of their revenue. But with eCommerce, this is changing rapidly. Finding the right balance, strengths and limitations in both online and physical stores is a good starting point when it comes to budgeting for marketing.

Surefire Local Marketing Platform

The Surefire All-In-One Local Marketing Platform gives small businesses advanced, affordable marketing capabilities, streamlined access and hundreds of available integrations.

If any one person could be identified as the main driver behind Small Business Saturday, it’s Susan Sobbott. At the time she was the President of American Express OPEN.  It was her vision, leadership and energy that got it off the ground and made it a rousing success from the first year.

The daughter of a small business owner herself, she recognized what small business owners needed. “More than anything else, they need more customers,” she said in an interview at the time.

She went on to add, “Small Business Saturday can be the first of many days when businesses and consumers consciously make the decision to consider shopping small. Even better is if they tell their friends, family, and colleagues about the initiative so that they, too, can think about shopping at small businesses.”   Read: Small Business Saturday, An Inside Look

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Klosebuy is a digital advertising app that geolocates your small business so consumers can find you as soon as you subscribe. It doesn’t matter whether they’re on the web or using a mobile app either.

It manages your digital marketing, consumer acquisition and customer loyalty needs too. Small Business Trends contacted Frank Fennell IV, President/CEO of Klosebuy to find out what small local businesses need to know about it.

“One subscription to Klosebuy delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions you might otherwise spend hundreds of dollars a month on,” he writes.

Simple and Friendly

It’s simple and user friendly too since there’s no hardware or integration IT professionals needed. Fennell says SMBs can get going quickly.

“A local small business can easily be up and running in a matter of minutes on Klosebuy.  Using the provided marketing collateral and materials, a small business owner can begin engaging and enrolling their