Following an incredibly challenging period for businesses Australia-wide, we’re starting to see COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease and a wide-spread reopening begin. This new phase will set small businesses across the nation on a journey of recovery. It is, however, being approached with necessary caution – complete with a detailed set of regulations to adhere to.

The Australian Government’s framework to create a COVIDSafe society details our new ways of living and working. Designed to keep people safe while returning to greater social freedoms, restrictions are intended to be pared back in three steps (with all steps anticipated to be completed by July 2020). While the federal government has proposed the plan, the timing of each step is up to each individual state and territory. You can find out what this looks like for you below:

With the risk of infection likely to linger for sometime, all governments have agreed

Kindness, both toward ourselves and others, is more vital than ever. That’s why it’s the perfect theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. An international study by Health Europa found that 41 percent of Britain’s population is at risk of mental health issues as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite this concerning figure, we have also seen an incredible number of individuals and businesses step up to support people in need, proving that the light of human kindness can be found in even the darkest situations. 

While the pandemic has forced many practices and businesses to rethink their models, a positive trend has emerged as companies look to become even kinder, more conscientious enterprises. To celebrate this, we’re looking at some Xero businesses and partners that work to bring a little more kindness into the world, offering hope in uncertain times. 

Spreading kindness through food 


Retailers are navigating unfamiliar challenges in our current climate, with many adapting to maintain revenue and keep staff and customers safe. Those with physical stores open for business, like pharmacies and supermarkets, have been inundated as essentials rush off shelves, and sometimes run out. While many retailers who’ve had to close their physical doors are focusing on moving their brick-and-mortar businesses online and working in new ways.

Xero’s app marketplace has a range of tools to set retailers up for success as they work through these challenges and adapt to a ‘new normal’. For instance, specialist inventory management systems can help retailers optimise stock levels and reduce working capital. While eCommerce apps make it easy and cost effective for retailers to build their own online store – to get up and running with online sales fast. 

So for this instalment of Xero’s app partner of the month, we want

Papersmiths was a natural extension of Studio B, a design firm founded by Sidonie and Kyle in 2011. They already spent their days talking about design, taking notes and sketching ideas, so who better to start a design-driven stationery store?  

They moved to Bristol and launched their first store, outfitting it with just £500. The pair specialised in brightly coloured and elegantly patterned notebooks, pens, and all manner of other creative tools, sourcing their collection from talented designers around the world. 

Seven years later, they have added five bustling brick and mortar shops, including branches in Brighton and London, and a buzzing online presence. 

Taking uncertainty in your stride

Papersmiths, like many small businesses all over the country, has been hit hard by coronavirus and the lockdown. All of its physical stores are shut indefinitely (all of which are ready to spring back into action as soon as it

Whether it’s the stress of running a small business, or the anxiety you might be facing at an accounting firm, there are a lot of things out of your control right now. 

There are some things however around wellbeing that you can take control of today. 

In our recent wellbeing series, we’ve been looking at the importance of sleep, and ways that we can manage our mental health while working from home. 

For this piece, we’ve spoken to clinical nutritionist and Xero employee Natalie Harms to get her views on what we should be eating right now to support our wellbeing. 


A healthy, varied diet

Food is fundamental to our health: it gives our body and mind the energy and materials it needs to nourish itself, heal and grow. A varied diet of real food, including proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats from sources like oily fish,

We’re thrilled to announce a new agreement with MNP, one of Canada’s largest national accounting, tax and business consulting firms that serves 150,000 small business customers. Our partnership provides accountants across MNP’s 80+ offices in Canada with access to cloud accounting ledger and financial management tools and services anytime, and on any device. MNP has already experienced significant time-savings in the early days of using Xero, freeing up their team to take on more clients and focus on delivering additional value.   

Xero and MNP are committed to making small business owners’ lives in Canada better. By helping small businesses get access to their financial data in Xero, MNP small business customers can make better decisions. They can also plan for the future and stay focused on doing what they love – running their business.

As we approach the two year anniversary of Xero in Canada, it’s because of our