The farming industry has shown great resilience in dealing with what has been one of the toughest years in a long time. With the additional challenges that COVID-19 has brought, farmers have been under increased pressure to evaluate their immediate financial situation while keeping the farm going during unpredictable circumstances.

When COVID-19 entered New Zealand, farmers had to respond quickly to ensure they could continue to operate. This included ensuring work practices were safe and hygiene standards were met and compliant with the NZ Government’s alert level requirements. They also had to deal with more stock than expected as sale yards and processing plants were either closed or had significantly reduced operations. 

The industry has held strong through these tough times, and we are inspired by the resilience of farming businesses. At Xero, it has been our priority to get behind small businesses to help New Zealand get through the

At Xero, Canada holds a special place in our hearts. As someone who has had the opportunity to see our business grow since we launched in May 2018, I wanted to reflect on the progress and journey Xero and our community of accounting professionals and small businesses have made during that time. 

In this short period of time, we’ve delivered on product features such as a direct bank feed with CIBC, opened a new Xero office in Toronto to accommodate our growing team and recently signed a new agreement with MNP, one of Canada’s largest accounting, tax and business consulting firms that serves 150,000 customers. It’s incredible seeing this progress and growth as we work closely with all of you to shape the future of the accounting profession in Canada. 

Looking ahead, Canada continues to be a key region for Xero, and we’re excited to help foster innovation

Pride Month is well underway in the Northern Hemisphere. While life in quarantine has been riddled with challenges beyond those of confinement, it has enabled us as a collective to spend time on self and societal reflection. Our beliefs and moral standards have evolved over time and so too should the way we conduct business and everyday life.

My own coming out story took place at Xero as a 26 year old. To get to the place that I felt compelled and able to share this part of myself was both because of, and despite, experiences I know most of the LGBTQ+ community can relate to. I remember the moment vividly – I was presenting to colleagues and quoted Beyoncé before making a joke along the lines of, “and if you didn’t already pick up on it, I’m gay.”

It’s a typical knee jerk reaction for Kiwis to laden a

Today, Xero announced the availability of improved financial reporting tools for small businesses and their advisors across Canada. PwC Canada’s Cashflow Coach is now available for the Canadian market on the Xero app marketplace to help small business owners and startups take control of their cash flow management challenges.

Xero has also released two new cash flow management tools – business snapshot and short-term cash flow – to help small businesses and their advisors easily view key financial metrics and insights.

Cash flow is the life blood of any business, and it’s an area where many small businesses are feeling vulnerable with today’s economic uncertainty. Maintaining a healthy cash flow can make all the difference, and we’re proud to provide small businesses with a variety of options. This includes Xero’s financial reporting tools and the Cashflow Coach app so business owners can feel confident about their financial position. It also

I’m pleased to see governments in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia stepping up to launch more dedicated SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) digitisation grants to back digitisation of small businesses. These grants support those impacted by COVID-19 to diversify their business models. In most cases, this means moving into the cloud. 

In response to this, I’m excited to share that we have extended our partnership with DBS Bank, one of the Singapore Government’s Start Digital Partners, to encourage more SMEs to adopt cloud-based accounting and software services in Singapore through their Start Digital Pack. We launched a similar partnership with OCBC under their Start Digital Initiative last year. 

COVID-19 has underscored the importance of cloud-based offerings over legacy desktop. If you are thinking the same for your business, here are digitalisation grants you may be able to take advantage of: 

  • Singapore: Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and

With the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, the advisor community has experienced a phenomenal increase in workload. Speaking to accountants and bookkeepers, they all say they have been run off their feet. They are making a difference, helping clients apply for wage subsidies and loans, preparing cash flow forecasts and scenario planning the list goes on.

Advisors have quickly changed the way they work with clients. Some are interacting weekly or fortnightly, providing more regular assistance with cash flow and acting as a financial sounding board for small business owners. Some have been, and still are, dealing with really tough circumstances and the fallout that follows. While there’s no silver bullet for businesses experiencing a downturn due to COVID-19, it’s become essential to track real-time data on a daily basis, to run regular cash flow forecasts and to seek expert advice.

I’d like to think that this season has