The posts in this series have been drawn from Xero’s Stronger and smarter: a small business handbook. Designed to help small businesses determine which steps to take next, this practical guide uncovers the 10 trends shaping the future – so you can come back stronger and smarter than ever.

If ever we doubted the power of the internet, the pandemic has confirmed it once and for all. Not only have we seen an increasing number of people looking online in search of accurate information, but they’re also embracing the convenience and comfort of online shopping as never before. 

While this was already a growing trend, having an online presence has become essential for all businesses. 

Matching your customer expectations

Now is the time to ramp up your online presence and give your customers the ultra-helpful information they seek. Things like having products on hand and immediately available, easy online

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Open banking: Flexibility and choice for customers

In this episode, Xero’s Executive Communications Manager, Penny Ydgren joined Global Head of Financial Partnerships, Edward Berks, and Deloitte’s FinTech and Financial Services Innovation Leader, Louise Brett. Together they explored what an open data world looks like for accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses, and what we can expect from open banking over the next few years.

A simple approach to your data safety