According to IRC Sales Solutions, only 2% of sales are made during the first point of contact. This means businesses stand to lose potentially 98% of their sales leads if they do not follow up.

The success of any sales rests on how well we seal deals. Success in sales means increasing the number of signups with both new and old customers thus positively affecting the business’ bottom line. The key to this is a strong follow-up plan to get prospects on board. 

As the number of follow up on sales leads increase, so do the chances of a successful sale according to IRC Sales Solution. As such, only 3% of prospects will sign up on the second contact and 5% will say yes on the third try. Surprisingly enough, 80% will buy-in into the sales pitch after the fifth or twelfth contact. This highlights the importance of f

Yesterday’s episodes were packed full of practical tips and steps you can take to keep your small business resilient and your wellbeing in check. If you missed out on yesterday’s offering for Xero On Air, relive the action by checking out the highlights for Wednesday 16th September below, then register or log in to enjoy the episodes in full.

Perspective and resilience

When you can’t change the conditions, you can still change your mindset. In this episode, motivational coach and mentor Ben Crowe explained the importance of perspective and resilience in our own personal search for happiness and confidence. 

Popular App Stack for Practice Success

Catch this episode to hear about popular apps that advisors can use to transform their practices and add even more value to their client services. Our EGM of Ecosystem, Nick Houldsworth, also outlined the features of the Xero app marketplace that help you find the

Following an incredibly challenging period for businesses across Victoria, the government has announced a five-step roadmap to widespread reopening. While regional businesses will be allowed to open up slightly faster than those in Metropolitan Melbourne, across all areas, moving from one step to the next will come down to reaching targeted drops in new coronavirus cases.

With so much information on offer, it can be difficult to understand what all of this means for your business. The situation is subject to change, so we recommend that you keep checking the Victorian Government’s sources for the latest update (see here for regional and here for Metropolitan Melbourne). In the meantime, the Xero team has put together a helpful summary to help you decipher what comes next in your journey to recovery.

Understanding your industry restriction levels

Each industry has been assigned a different restriction level depending on which step