Two things – email and direct mail – often get deleted or trashed without being opened. In fact, stats bear that out. The average “open” rate for those is barely above 20%.

Rick Elmore was in a college marketing class listening to a professor relate those facts. He has always remembered what the professor said.

“You know, what really works is a handwritten note,” the professor said. “But who has time?”

Flash forward a few years. Elmore is CEO of Simply Noted, a company he founded.

Simply Noted is an automated handwritten letter company. Through the company’s advanced technology, it is easy for anyone to create simple, scalable, powerful, and meaningful real pen-written communication.

Simply Noted combines technology with a personal touch, putting real pen and ink to paper to create beautifully crafted products for every occasion.

5 Reasons to Write Handwritten Notes to Clients

You should send a handwritten

In these challenging times, access to capital may be more important than ever for Australian small businesses. Some need help filling gaps in cash flow while others are actually expanding, thanks to new business models. So we’re pleased to announce that customers on Xero can now access unsecured lending through ANZ’s Online Business Lending. Small businesses that share their Xero data could receive conditional approval, where eligible, for loans of up to $200,000 in minutes.

This technology is integrated with ANZ’s credit and fulfilment platforms to provide Xero customers a quick, intuitive and simple lending experience. Businesses can elect to securely share historical financial information from their Xero account. ANZ then uses the data to provide a decision on conditional lending in 20 minutes and full approval within two days. Gone are stacks of application paperwork. 

Lending options

Xero customers using ANZ Online Business Lending have access to fixed