Image: Elin Collins (second from left) and her team at Focus Partners.

In what now seems like another lifetime, each morning, Elin Collins would make the leisurely 25-minute drive along the winding country roads from her home in Victoria’s Rutherglen to her accounting practice in Albury, New South Wales. 

But, from midnight on Tuesday 21 July, the familiarity of her everyday routine was suddenly up-ended. And, overnight, this peaceful commute became just another of the many things she’d once taken for granted and now found strictly out of bounds. 

Following increased lockdown restrictions and subsequent border closures, countless business owners, like Elin, living within the reaches of border zones across the country have found themselves in the same position. 

She explains, “I honestly never thought I’d be stuck like this. I’ve got a business to run and I can’t get into work.”

Providing support across state lines

Despite the challenges