Today we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Waddle, a cloud-based invoice lending platform. Waddle helps connect small businesses to invoice finance, a form of secured lending that relies on a business’s unpaid invoices.

The acquisition of Waddle is an important step in our strategy to grow Xero’s small business platform and to help our customers better manage cash flow and gain access to working capital as needed. 

Waddle’s lending platform has the potential to enable a wide range of banks, fintechs and other lenders to better support small business financial needs. We’re excited about the benefits Waddle can bring to small business and our banking partners. 

Welcome, Waddle

Founded in Australia in 2014, Waddle’s lending platform service allows banks, fintechs and other lending partners to easily and quickly deliver invoice finance to small businesses that have elected to share their accounting data to enable a loan. 

Waddle will remain

Taking your small business global sounds like a huge undertaking. However, even small businesses can realize the benefits of selling in international markets. This type of expansion can help you increase profits, build sustainable operations, and increase your brand recognition around the globe. To do this, you have to take into account what goes into international marketing.

Expanding internationally isn’t right for every business. It’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons before jumping in. And then you need to learn the steps involved before you dedicate all of your efforts toward managing trade relationships and foreign marketing. If you decide that going global is right for your small business, finding the right tools and guidance is a must. This can help you maximize your international marketing and multinational strategy.

If you’re ready to learn how to take your business global, here are some extra tips to

Amid the challenges of the past several months, it has been incredible to watch everyone step up to support each other as we all begin to get a grasp on the new normal. Accountants and bookkeepers have truly gone above and beyond expectations when it comes to supporting and advising their clients. This demonstrates the industry’s incredible adaptability, even under challenging circumstances.

Firms have embraced change by moving online, digitising operations, embracing remote work, and adopting new tools for client engagement. The adoption of cloud accounting over the past few years has continued – and perhaps further accelerated – during the coronavirus crisis. 

We recently hosted a live panel session with three accounting experts to discuss how they’ve mastered cloud technology and the ways it’s benefitted their practice during the last few months. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from the session. You can watch the full panel discussion

Small business is at the very heart of everything we do here at Xero. So we are incredibly proud to be awarded Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers Award, Small Business Accounting Software 2020.

Canstar Australasia’s leading is a customer satisfaction research and ratings business aimed at helping consumers make better purchasing decisions. They run an annual independent survey which speaks to hundreds of small businesses across New Zealand to provide a benchmark of quality for accounting software.

Every cloud has a silver lining

2020 has certainly been a challenging year for many small businesses across New Zealand. However, challenges also give rise to opportunities. “History shows that on the back of economic shock, there’s quite a large rise in start-ups and people going out on their own,” shares Craig Hudson, Managing Director NZ & Pacific Islands. “COVID-19 has been a big catalyst for change. There’s been a massive demand in

We’re thrilled to announce a new integration for Xero customers in the U.S. with TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resource solutions for small and medium-size businesses. TriNet allows businesses to focus more time on their people and growth by providing access to industry-tailored human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation, payroll and a technology platform to help manage HR needs in real time.

Xero’s integration with TriNet helps businesses save time and maintain accuracy. It also allows clients to securely transfer payroll and HR data between the systems. After running payroll, TriNet creates journal entries based on mapped accounts, and allows businesses to push them into the Xero general ledger.

How does TriNet work with Xero?

The new integration eliminates the need for businesses to manually create journal entries, and also enables Xero customers to: 

  • Manage data efficiently and securely: You’ll mitigate the likelihood of errors with direct

The posts in this series have been drawn from Xero’s Stronger and smarter: a small business handbook. Designed to help small businesses determine which steps to take next, this practical guide uncovers the 10 trends shaping the future – so you can come back stronger and smarter than ever.

One of the big lessons of 2020 has been the need to have a robust business continuity plan in place. This learning has become all the more pertinent in light of the fast-moving nature of lockdown restrictions, which can change from one week to the next.

For many business owners, the impact of a succession of multiple shocks has made for anxious times. Bushfires, smoke pollution, wild storms, a global pandemic and economic shutdown have taught us that businesses need the capacity to withstand a range of challenging scenarios.

Nobody could have expected this chain of events, and it’s forced