Xero App Partner Guest Blog – written by Koren Wines, Global General Manager at WorkflowMax.

Having the right cloud-based tools is essential to successfully running a team and a business remotely

We’re now in a world where we can’t rely on in-person meetings and shared office space. So it’s even more important than ever that our technology enables us to collaborate and share information easily. As well as provide visibility into how our team and business is performing. 

If your service business is new to using cloud software, or if you’re looking to fine-tune your existing cloud technology stack, it’s so important to have a good understanding of the tools you need to run your business remotely. It’s also important to make sure those tools are working for you, rather than against you.

Here’s an overview of some of the software that service businesses can consider adding to

Excitement is building in Xero and our community as we’re just weeks out from the launch of Xero On Air. Some of our partners are gearing up to watch the episodes throughout the week with table tennis breaks, printed t-shirts and even Xero-themed Spotify playlists. 

We were as disappointed as you when we had to hit pause on our in-person events with our COVID-19 configured world.  But our fantastic Xero team quickly turned attention to how we could continue to deliver value and stay in touch with our community throughout the year.  The outcome is an incredibly ambitious pivot (yes, that ‘P’ word again).

Xero On Air is a completely new way we’re connecting and sharing information with you, so we thought you might be interested in a ‘behind the scenes’ view of how we’re creating this new experience.  

Filming during a pandemic

As you can imagine, filming in