We’re thrilled to announce a new integration for Xero customers in the U.S. with TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resource solutions for small and medium-size businesses. TriNet allows businesses to focus more time on their people and growth by providing access to industry-tailored human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation, payroll and a technology platform to help manage HR needs in real time.

Xero’s integration with TriNet helps businesses save time and maintain accuracy. It also allows clients to securely transfer payroll and HR data between the systems. After running payroll, TriNet creates journal entries based on mapped accounts, and allows businesses to push them into the Xero general ledger.

How does TriNet work with Xero?

The new integration eliminates the need for businesses to manually create journal entries, and also enables Xero customers to: 

  • Manage data efficiently and securely: You’ll mitigate the likelihood of errors with direct

The posts in this series have been drawn from Xero’s Stronger and smarter: a small business handbook. Designed to help small businesses determine which steps to take next, this practical guide uncovers the 10 trends shaping the future – so you can come back stronger and smarter than ever.

One of the big lessons of 2020 has been the need to have a robust business continuity plan in place. This learning has become all the more pertinent in light of the fast-moving nature of lockdown restrictions, which can change from one week to the next.

For many business owners, the impact of a succession of multiple shocks has made for anxious times. Bushfires, smoke pollution, wild storms, a global pandemic and economic shutdown have taught us that businesses need the capacity to withstand a range of challenging scenarios.

Nobody could have expected this chain of events, and it’s forced

At Xero, our purpose is to make life better for people in small business. With COVID-19 still putting pressure on small businesses, solving our customers’ problems in simple and beautiful ways is more important than ever.

That’s why we’re proud to launch Xero Business Finance Pack. Available for free to our New Zealand customers on the Xero app marketplace, this app gives small businesses a simple and faster way to produce financial reports which could help applying for funding.

With only a few clicks, Xero Business Finance Pack allows you to create nine financial reports, using the most up-to-date data you have in Xero –including those commonly requested when applying for a business loan. It can save valuable time by automatically collating key financial information for you to share with lenders. This means you have more time to focus on your business, which is even more important in