I recently had the pleasure of hosting a live session on LinkedIn where we discussed the latest trends and strategies for businesses looking to sell online. We were joined by Stephen Rogan, from e-commerce platform Shopify, who provided great insight and practical advice on how to set up and grow an online business.  

So without further ado, here are the key takeaways from the session. You can watch the recording below, or download our dedicated guide to access a host of practical tools to get going with your online business.

Setting the scene

Over the past few months, most businesses have had to rethink how they reach their customers online. “There was no planning for this… and the fact that so many businesses have been able to grow during this time is a credit to what they’re doing,” said Stephen. 

When it comes to common trends and themes, Shopify

Xero App Partner Guest Blog, written by Troy Brown, Founder at XBert.

It’s been a few months since the world was thrown into crisis. Some businesses have collapsed and suffered, while others have adapted and transformed. One thing is true for all business will never be the same.

Can businesses not only survive this crisis, but emerge stronger, more sustainable and better prepared for future challenges?

From my experience, quality data, efficient accounting workflows and ongoing collaboration between owners, bookkeepers and accountants are all essential for business survival. I learned this the hard way, in the wake of the global financial crisis (GFC), when my company went from $1million profit to $1million dollar loss. Now we’re faced with a more far-reaching and destructive crisis propelled by lockdowns and a global health pandemic.

While the GFC severely impacted my company, it was poor decisions (due to inaccurate financials), lack