It’s been around three months since the UK went into lockdown. 

We’ve all read about the huge impact the pandemic is going to have on our lives in the months and years ahead.  As things slowly start to reopen and we continue to adapt it’s important we don’t forget about our wellbeing.

We spoke to Penny Power OBE, author of Business is Personal. She’s been working closely with entrepreneurs, tracking their sentiment via a monthly Business Health Check. 

Here she tells us some of the things business owners have been telling her, with some handy tips.

In April, most saw a massive drop in revenue and there was a huge fear of the unknown. We were all questioning how long the lockdown would last, what support was going to be available and if small businesses could survive. 

Everyone tightened their cash belts. Those who were tracking their cash flow made


Email is an essential way of communicating in sales. But far too often, sales professionals focus solely on the initial pitch and neglect the customer follow up. Getting back in touch with prospects ultimately helps businesses close more sales. So creating a few solid templates for sales follow up emails can help your team communicate consistently and make more sales over the long run.

If you’re ready to improve your sales efficiency by following up email communications, use these email templates as a starting point to create your own.

Templates for Sales Follow Up Emails

Your sales follow up emails should always be tailored to each prospect and the situation surrounding your prior communications. These templates can help you get started, but be sure to change around some of the wording and personalize them for the best sales results.

Following Up to Say Thank You

Saying “thank

During this challenging period, many small business owners and their advisors have never been busier. But while the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt, the requirements of year end remain. And, now more than ever, it pays to be prepared.

As part of our series, ‘The two of us’, the Xero team is exploring the relationships that pave the way for mastering tax time. Today, we’re speaking to bookkeeper, Jo Doye and her small business client, Steve Abbott, to uncover not only how they take on year end together, but why they couldn’t do it without each other.

When did you first meet?

Jo: It was my husband who first mentioned Steve back in 2012 – they worked together at our local council here in Bendigo. I needed some help with an event and Steve was a town planner in his day job, so he was able