With the way we work constantly changing due to COVID-19, some enterprising people have used the extra time to make money through the sharing economy or by establishing a side hustle. If that’s you, then doing your tax return may be a little different this year.

We teamed up with bookkeeper Jo Doye from Alluvia Financial who shares her top tips to make tax time that little bit easier. Jo had always had a passion for good food, good booze and supporting small businesses. So she decided to start a side hustle along with her day-to-day job. She teamed up with a group of like-minded locals and started Bendigo Beer.

1. Decide: hobby or job?

It’s important to establish if you’re working on a hobby or starting a business to determine how you will manage tax. Jo says that when people first start out, they don’t think about setting

By Simon Choi

As a small business owner, you are probably going through a lot of change right now. Your business will suffer if you and your employees are unable to adapt to change. Technology for example, has played a huge influence on how we work as well as satisfy customers.

Adaptability relates to an individual’s ability and willingness to respond to change. It is more important than ever in business to develop good soft skills and character traits in employees rather than only technical skills. This will enable the small business to better handle change and continue to grow.

So here are three vital soft skills to adapt to change effectively.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is an aspect of cognitive ability. All employees must be able to solve problems daily especially in a small business. For example, customer issues are presented to employees and must be resolved effectively.