As the lockdown began, Role Models had to make rapid changes to continue to bring their life skills courses to children around the world. Fortunately, the company succeeded in moving its resilience and growth mindset-based classes online – and they have seen major growth in applications.

For founder and managing director Hugo Shephard, this has been a significant step forward in the business’ ultimate goal of teaching one million children how to “communicate well, collaborate effectively, think critically, solve problems creatively and lead brilliantly, so that they can shape their future and those around them.”

On Role Models’ courses, children learn useful life skills that will form a robust foundation for all the learning that lies ahead. Since its founding in late 2013, the company has pioneered the development of several courses to set children up with the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century. Role

Have you ever kicked off an advertising campaign with high hopes, only to be disappointed by the results? Or what about introducing a new product with great fanfare, just to discover the market wasn’t interested? These situations happen in business. And this is where doing marketing research makes a difference.

If you have big goals, market research can help your business make the right moves and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong ones.

Not only that, but marketing research can help you get happier customers. For example, 94% of diners choose a restaurant based on online reviews, one study suggests. Another study found that 82% of customers expect an immediate response on sales or marketing questions. Knowing these kinds of facts can help you put into place the processes and tools to delight the customer and attract new ones.

In this article we define what is