Market research sounds so formal. Yet it doesn’t have to be. It can be part of your daily marketing activity if you adopt one of the best and easiest techniques: simply ask questions.

Asking market research questions can yield new insights to boost your marketing to the next level. One example of market research involves gathering competitive information to inform your new product and service development. Another market research example involves creating clear pictures of your ideal customers — called customer personas –for precise targeting. Other market research examples involve gathering feedback from existing customers to measure customer satisfaction.

The key to success, however, is knowing which questions to ask. Below is a list of 75 market research questions to use as templates for your own questions. Use them to ask questions internally to your team, or ask prospects and clients directly.

Market Research Questions

A good way

The outbreak of COVID-19 has meant a lot of change for businesses and employees in a very short period of time. Working from home has gone from an occasional perk to a government-enforced necessity. Although lockdown is slowly starting to ease, it’s likely that many businesses will be working remotely for the coming months. 

As we all continue to find our feet, it’s important for small businesses and accountants to look after the wellbeing of their employees and themselves. Here are some tips for supporting your team and yourself when working from home.

Staying connected

One of the biggest components missing as we continue to work remotely is the interaction with colleagues. Having a cup of tea together on a Monday morning and catching up on weekends doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Staying connected is going to be key to keeping teams close and