If you sell tangible, non-perishable retail products, you’ve likely been greatly affected by this pandemic. You’ve probably read about the thousands of businesses shifting their focus to online sales during COVID-19. There is a process that goes into getting your business online. However, it’s not as difficult as you might think – and you’re not too late. 

Here are 10 simple steps to help you transition to eCommerce, so when we come out of this, your business can thrive. 

First, a disclosure. While this post is related to retail small businesses in North America, it may not be applicable to all retail small businesses. It may also be applicable to non-retail small businesses. TL:DR, your mileage may vary. 

Transitioning your business to eCommerce

Today, there are many eCommerce platforms to choose from (Wix, Square Space, Magento, BigCommerce), but in this example, I’ll use Shopify, and assume it’s a small business