Stories about companies failing to do market research are all too common. For instance, the 1990s saw the introduction of a soft drink with little balls of gelatin floating in it. Sounds appetizing – not! Called Orbitz, the product reportedly tasted terrible too. It launched with an incoherent marketing campaign about coming from another planet. Not surprisingly, the product was a bust.

Marketing professionals study such failures and try to learn from them. The point of many lessons is: if only the company had done its market research. Perhaps held some focus groups or blind taste testings. Then the company could have saved its money.

Conducting market research is just a good business move. Research minimizes risk and positions businesses to use precious resources wisely. And picking the right market research tools saves time and money for startups and small businesses. A good market research tool makes it

COVID-19 rocked the boat for many small businesses in New Zealand. Business owners had to work hard to stay afloat. These three awesome Kiwi businesses hustled to help their business survive the storm of COVID-19.

Paintvine: Bringing you Banksy in your living room

Before COVID-19, Paintvine was a 100% on-premise events company hosting ‘paint and sip’ events in bars and restaurants around New Zealand. Since then, they’ve completely evolved their business model to 100% online. Paintvine Online offers a Netflix-style service where people can select which painting they’d like to recreate, using the art supplies they’ve been sent. Watching the videos, you then follow the artist’s directions from the comfort of your own home. 

Previously, Paintvine’s success was focused on the number of tickets sold to each event. Now, it’s all about subscription revenue for the online classes. This opened up an entirely new market for the business, with 60%

The farming industry is ever-changing. And with a growing global population, farmers and their resources are feeling the pressure. Advancements in technology have improved the way farmers operate, but have also added layers of complexity. Today, farmers have to be skilled at everything – both on the farm and in the office. 

And they can’t do it alone. It takes a team with the right tools to run a great farm. We want to equip farmers with the best technology, so they can take ownership of their business and achieve their goals.

That’s why Xero, Figured and PaySauce have come together to offer a fully integrated farming solution for farm owners and operators, and their farming team. Xero for farming is a solution for the whole farming team – from the farmer, to their accountant, banker, and consultant.

Working together, the team can bring different perspectives to the table to