It’s the most challenging time in living memory for businesses across South Africa and around the world. To get by, business owners are turning to trusted advisors, and for many, their accountants are the first line of support. From managing cash flow to determining eligibility for aid, we’re proud to see the country’s accountants step up to support businesses. 

Accountants, a group recently acknowledged by South Africa’s Minister of Finance as being an ‘essential service’ during level 4 of the lockdown, are now more critical than ever in ensuring the survival of small businesses. We asked several of our accounting partners how they have adapted, and the positives emanating from this situation.  

Adapting to a new way of working 

Fortunately, from what we have seen among many of our partners, accountants have adapted fast to the changes demanded by the lockdown. This has meant they’ve been able to support the

Have you ever seen an article shared on your news feed, only to scroll a little further down to notice it was shared by someone else as well? This is a common occurrence; the best articles on the web tend to attract a lot of attention, earn a ton of shares, and get seen by even more people.

When all’s said and done, a single article might get thousands of shares, and be seen by millions of people—all with a humble origin on some random publication site.

So what is it that makes a piece of content shareable, and why is that shareability so powerful?

The Benefits of “Shareability”

First, let’s recap some of the best benefits of having a shareable article:

  • Exposure. One of the most obvious benefits is increased exposure for your brand (and your specific pieces of content). Let’s say your work is shared by