We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with U.S.-based Relay. Built for entrepreneurs, Relay offers small business banking that is intuitive and flexible. It can be used by anyone from freelancers to 100+ person companies.  

Small businesses and their advisors can register for Relay online and experience beautiful banking on web, iOS and Android devices. Relay also offers a user permission model that ensures small business owners and their accountant or bookkeepers have appropriate access to the financial data. This access enables them to gain insights into their business that’s most important to them.

That’s why Xero Platinum Partner, Joshua Lance of Lance CPA Group, has selected Relay as their business bank account of choice. “With Relay, it’s finally easy to collaborate with our clients on their banking. Between the direct feed with Xero and having access to our clients’ banking data, we save up to an

Following an incredibly challenging period for businesses Australia-wide, we’re starting to see COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease and a wide-spread reopening begin. This new phase will set small businesses across the nation on a journey of recovery. It is, however, being approached with necessary caution – complete with a detailed set of regulations to adhere to.

The Australian Government’s framework to create a COVIDSafe society details our new ways of living and working. Designed to keep people safe while returning to greater social freedoms, restrictions are intended to be pared back in three steps (with all steps anticipated to be completed by July 2020). While the federal government has proposed the plan, the timing of each step is up to each individual state and territory. You can find out what this looks like for you below:

With the risk of infection likely to linger for sometime, all governments have agreed

Even with the rise of digital marketing, print is far from dead. There are still plenty of situations where tangible marketing materials can help businesses effectively spread the word about their products and services to their customer base. So finding the right printed marketing materials can help you get essential information out to potential customers and clients.

What Are Marketing Materials?

Marketing materials are items that businesses use to share messages about their offerings to their potential customer. This can range from digital marketing assets to physical signs. When it comes to printed marketing collateral, these items include tangible materials that can be easily distributed to consumers, like business cards and brochures.

Why Are Marketing Materials Important?

So why should a small business invest in their own marketing materials? These printed items aren’t just for sharing basic information. They can help your company accomplish several key goals.