Kindness, both toward ourselves and others, is more vital than ever. That’s why it’s the perfect theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. An international study by Health Europa found that 41 percent of Britain’s population is at risk of mental health issues as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite this concerning figure, we have also seen an incredible number of individuals and businesses step up to support people in need, proving that the light of human kindness can be found in even the darkest situations. 

While the pandemic has forced many practices and businesses to rethink their models, a positive trend has emerged as companies look to become even kinder, more conscientious enterprises. To celebrate this, we’re looking at some Xero businesses and partners that work to bring a little more kindness into the world, offering hope in uncertain times. 

Spreading kindness through food 


Email is an indispensable communication tool for our business. This is because it is a free, fast and reliable form of communication that is accessible to everyone with an internet connection. It allows users to foster and build lasting relations irrespective of distances with both prospects and customers.

E-mail is most widely used as a prospect conversion and customer retention. E-mail can particularly be an effective push for your online communications outreach. It comes in handy for customer retention as it can help in targeted email campaigns where your message can be pushed out to customers to inform and remind. As a two-way form of communication, it is valuable to gather feedback and prompt actions from your audience.

Projections indicate that by 2023 the number of daily global email users will jump to 347.3 billion and there will be 4.371 billion email users. Current trends point email accounts are