Papersmiths was a natural extension of Studio B, a design firm founded by Sidonie and Kyle in 2011. They already spent their days talking about design, taking notes and sketching ideas, so who better to start a design-driven stationery store?  

They moved to Bristol and launched their first store, outfitting it with just £500. The pair specialised in brightly coloured and elegantly patterned notebooks, pens, and all manner of other creative tools, sourcing their collection from talented designers around the world. 

Seven years later, they have added five bustling brick and mortar shops, including branches in Brighton and London, and a buzzing online presence. 

Taking uncertainty in your stride

Papersmiths, like many small businesses all over the country, has been hit hard by coronavirus and the lockdown. All of its physical stores are shut indefinitely (all of which are ready to spring back into action as soon as it

Whether it’s the stress of running a small business, or the anxiety you might be facing at an accounting firm, there are a lot of things out of your control right now. 

There are some things however around wellbeing that you can take control of today. 

In our recent wellbeing series, we’ve been looking at the importance of sleep, and ways that we can manage our mental health while working from home. 

For this piece, we’ve spoken to clinical nutritionist and Xero employee Natalie Harms to get her views on what we should be eating right now to support our wellbeing. 


A healthy, varied diet

Food is fundamental to our health: it gives our body and mind the energy and materials it needs to nourish itself, heal and grow. A varied diet of real food, including proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats from sources like oily fish,