We’re thrilled to announce a new agreement with MNP, one of Canada’s largest national accounting, tax and business consulting firms that serves 150,000 small business customers. Our partnership provides accountants across MNP’s 80+ offices in Canada with access to cloud accounting ledger and financial management tools and services anytime, and on any device. MNP has already experienced significant time-savings in the early days of using Xero, freeing up their team to take on more clients and focus on delivering additional value.   

Xero and MNP are committed to making small business owners’ lives in Canada better. By helping small businesses get access to their financial data in Xero, MNP small business customers can make better decisions. They can also plan for the future and stay focused on doing what they love – running their business.

As we approach the two year anniversary of Xero in Canada, it’s because of our

Having a clearly defined sales process for your business is as important as having the right product or service.  It’s a template that defines your sales cycle.

Put another way, it’s a roadmap to sales that turns prospects and potential customers into loyal clients. Success here involves putting solid information together.

It usually involves several steps. Here’s what small businesses who have sales reps and sales teams need to know to enjoy repeat business and profits.

What is a Sales Process?

A sales process is a set of steps you can repeat to close a deal and turn a potential customer into a buying one. It’s a series of stages that create what’s often called the sale cycle. There are generally 7 that should be followed in order.

What are the Benefits of a Sales Process?

There are many advantages to a well-defined sales process. First off, it