In the face of crisis, we all have to find ways to adapt and come out the other side stronger. 

“The main thing we’ve had to pivot is how we maintain our culture remotely and keep providing the same level of service to our clients,” says Andy McGill co-founder of Xero award-winning practice, Ashton McGill.  

We caught up with Andy to see how Ashton McGill are getting on, and what silver linings they’ve experienced along the way.

Staying connected

In the recent weeks, practices have had to suddenly transition to working remotely full-time, with many utilising communication tools like Slack and Zendesk to stay in regular contact with their teams. But for Ashton McGill, this was just the norm: “As a fully digital practice from day one, our travel-hungry team can work from anywhere, and we often do. Before Covid-19, a portion of our team were already based remotely,