There’s no doubt that this is a challenging and uncertain time for South Africa and the rest of the world. While President Ramaphosa’s announcement of the gradual easing of the lockdown may have provided some light at the end of the tunnel, the next few weeks will be far from normal. 

Even under regular circumstances, life as a small business can be tough. Take cash flow disruption, for example – small gaps can spiral into additional fees, late payments, and other damaging consequences. Recent research among SMEs in South Africa found that cash flow and late payments were the primary concerns, with 91% having experienced late payments in 2019. 

The president’s R500 billion stimulus package, the Department of Small Business Development’s coronavirus debt relief fund, and banks introducing new debt relief measures will no doubt help some SMEs breathe a small sigh of relief. But the foreseeable future is not

Adam and Maria Barkla are award-winning contract milkers in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. After winning ‘Share Farmer of the Year’ at the Bay of Plenty Dairy Industry Awards earlier this year, we spoke to Maria about how they’ve grown their business, Green to Gold, over the last five years. 

What’s your story? How did you get into farming?

I came to New Zealand from Argentina with the idea of travelling and working part time. I was working at the New World supermarket in Remuera when I met my husband, Adam. He wanted to help me learn English so we got to know each other. A little while later…we had our first daughter!

We moved to Whakatane, Adam’s home town to settle our family. We started working on the family farm for Adam’s uncle and aunt, and two seasons later we were contract milking on a newly purchased

By Chris Legaspi

As a small business owner, taking things to the next level will always be an objective, because who wouldn’t want to expand into new markets and grow profits sooner or later?

To make this happen, you’ll be needing investors to help you fund your start-up’s operations. You also want to create and sustain enough consumer demand the whole time for your product or service and business model since it’s one of the indicators that your business is ready to scale.

How, then, do you secure your business’s potential—even if it’s still in the early stages—to grow in the near future? Here are some ideas that have worked for today’s businesses, which most likely started from where you are right now.

1. Aim for Simplicity

The simpler, the better. It’s what most people are aiming for these days.

Since life can get really busy so quickly, people want