Some people plan to learn a new language, others are bracing themselves to tidy the kitchen cupboards. Both noble pursuits of equal ambition, but as we adjust to this new way of life, it’s easy to take an eye off a more pressing matter: our emotional wellbeing. The truth is, extended periods of remote working, social distancing measures and shifting family dynamics all pose challenges to the mental wellbeing of our workforces. 

Dr Heather Bolton, Head of Psychology, at workplace mental health platform, Unmind, told us about the seven key areas of wellbeing. 

Taking the following measures will help you to proactively manage your mental health while working from home.


Humans are social beings; we’re hardwired to need community. Feelings of loneliness are entirely normal during social distancing. But loneliness isn’t about having no one else around – it’s about forming meaningful connections.

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(Photo: Xerocon Brisbane 2019)

As we continue to adapt in these difficult times, all businesses are making tough decisions about how we operate to keep people safe and healthy. We’re also all looking for new ways to stay connected, share experiences and offer support to each other as we navigate the months ahead.

For us at Xero, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to cancel our Xerocon Sydney event which was scheduled to take place in September this year.  

After assessing all the guidance from global authorities and relevant government agencies around travel and large-scale gatherings, we feel this is the right thing to do to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers and our employees.

We know Xerocon is the highlight on the calendar for thousands of our partners (and us too!). But with great uncertainty on the year ahead, we must prioritise our community’s health and