Commercial lenders have now approved more than £2.8 billion of financing to support businesses as part of the UK government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). This is according to the latest data published by UK Finance on 23 April.

Among nearly 50 approved lenders, with more being considered by the British Business Bank, more than 36,000 applications have been submitted, with 16,624 of those now approved.

But what has happened to the remaining 20,000 businesses that are so far unsuccessful? Or the many more that haven’t made the enquiry stage? What’s stopping them from getting the support they need and what are their options from here?

Understanding CBILS eligibility

The eligibility criteria begins clearly. Businesses are required to be based in the UK and have an annual turnover of no more than £45 million.

But the application process becomes more difficult when businesses are asked to submit a borrowing

Over the last few weeks, our world has changed significantly. Life and business as we know it has been flipped on its head. For many, that means life has slowed down and for others, it’s never been more chaotic. 

With such unprecedented change coming on so quickly, it’s understandable that the importance of sleep is flying off the radar. But sleep is critical to our physical health and immunity – it’s also a key promoter of emotional wellness and mental health, helping combat stress and anxiety.

We spoke with Delphi Ellis, a qualified counsellor and wellbeing trainer, who’s appeared on BBC Radio, ITV’s This Morning and Loose Women, about the steps you can take to safeguard your sleep during this time. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the work you do?

I’m a qualified counsellor and wellbeing trainer, working in the community promoting what I call ‘mental health

As a small business owner and a consultant for the past 10 years, I live and die by my ability to pitch. Pitching is the fastest way to get business when you have nothing. There is also the very real possibility that competition for work is going to get a lot harder. With the millions of newly unemployed people.

Tips for Sales Pitching

Here are my secrets on how to win more pitches.

Get Permission to Pitch

It may seem counterintuitive but you don’t actually want to cold pitch people. Getting permission to pitch allows you to increase your conversion rates with your list. 99% of all cold pitches look something like this.

Hi Mr. Prospect.

My name is Austin Iuliano, I’m a social media consultant. I wanted to tell you about this great new offer I think you will love. Here is a big wall of text