In response to the UK government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, we’ve been working hard to respond to a rapid pace of change. With new and frequent updates from government, our focus has been on working quickly to find the best solutions to help you and your business navigate through this challenging time.  

We were pleased last week to be able to launch new functionality enabling businesses to record furlough leave for eligible employees in Xero Payroll. We’ve also added COVID-19 self isolation as a sick leave option for employees who are required to self-isolate, so they can earn sick pay from day one instead of the usual four consecutive days.

Furlough leave in Xero

Furlough leave is now available through Time Off, giving businesses a simple and accurate way to comply with the Job Retention Scheme. HMRC will provide a grant to cover 80% of furlough employee pay, up

Just three short weeks ago, Stagekings’ Jeremy Fleming was at a complete loss as to how to save his business. With all public gatherings banned under social distancing rules, he’d watched as the ramifications of COVID-19 decimated Australia’s live entertainment industry. As the owner of a company centred on building large-scale festival stages, an immediate and complete shutdown seemed like his only viable option. 

In an experience shared by countless businesses around the world, Stagekings’ shift in circumstances was near instant. One day, the team was prepping for the creation of a 37-metre-tall globe for Miley Cyrus and Robbie Williams’ Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix performance. The next day, the event was cancelled and everyone was sent home. Within the space of 48 hours their entire income for the rest of 2020 was gone.

A Stagekings setup in all of its glory


Taking a chance and shifting with changing