If you’re an Australian business, you may have heard about JobKeeper. The federal wage subsidy will be a lifeline for small businesses, and it will also add a layer of compliance. That’s why we’ll be enhancing Xero Payroll this month to make processing JobKeeper payments simple and let you focus on your business. 

Read on for a preview of what’s coming to Xero Payroll, with one caveat: the features below assume you’ve opted in to Single Touch Payroll (STP). If you’re not on STP, getting started is simple. Don’t delay, as STP will likely be the simplest route to receiving a JobKeeper subsidy.

How will I tell which employees are eligible for JobKeeper?

Xero Payroll will offer you a head start in identifying staff who may be eligible for the wage subsidy. It will compare the government’s eligibility criteria and data in Xero Payroll to suggest a list of