The year ahead will undoubtedly involve a lot of change and uncertainty for Singapore, but how can businesses prepare? They will need to closely track the trends to stay ahead of changes in industry, regulation and policy. Here are five accounting and compliance trends that we think will influence the business environment this year.

Budget 2020: Government ramps up digital push for local companies

Singapore Budget 2020, revealed in February, is a much-needed boost for local businesses. The government is setting aside a whopping S$8.3 billion to help them transform and grow, with an emphasis on enhancing digital connectivity. For those businesses that want to digitise their operations, such as accounting, there’s no better time than now, given initiatives like the Enterprise Grow package.

With this package, businesses can now take advantage of the GoBusiness platform. The platform is a single touchpoint for them to apply for licenses quickly with

One of the biggest business news stories in the world right now is the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s affecting all kinds of industries from travel to industry events to global supply chains. The stock market has entered a new wave of volatility, prominent business networking events have been canceled or postponed, cross-border travel restrictions are complicating or canceling people’s international travel plans, and the entire country of Italy has shut down because of coronavirus.   

In times of crisis, when the news is full of shocking and ominous headlines, it’s important to keep calm and remember that there are still a lot of things that we can control and a lot of ways that we can make a difference. Just like we are all learning how to deal with the virus in everyday life by taking additional precautions like frequent handwashing, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces (like phones, keyboards and doorknobs),